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Design Your Own!

Design Your Own!
Welcome to our new and improved Design Your Own feature. We invite you to discover the endless possibilities you can create with Kameleon Jewelry! When you’ve found just the right combination, share it with your friends or load it directly into your shopping cart for quick puchase!
Choose your Jewelry
KBR002 - Flourish Bracelet
Weave Bangle
KBR011 - Pop Perfect Bracelet
KBR012 Ivy Cuff
KBR014 - Fanciful Bracelet
KBR015 - Seaside Cuff
KBR017 Seaside Bracelet
KBR025 - Charm Bracelet
KBR027 - Kameleon Signature Series Bracelet
KE001 - Wired Up Earrings
KE005 - Twist Earrings
KE006 - Hinged Post Earrings
KE008 - Pop Perfect Earrings
KE014 - Curlique Earrings
KE016 - Flourish Earrings
KE017 - Elegance & Grace Earrings
KE034 - Around the Town Earrings
KE038 - California Dreamin
KE039 - California Dreamin
KE040 - Lily Earrings
KE041 - Best of Times Earrings
KE046 - Fanciful Earrings
KNK005 - Angel Wings Necklace
KP004 - Lotus Flower Pendant
KP010 - Fairy Tale Pendant
KP012 - Secret Garden Pendant
KP015 - Whirlwind Pendant
KP017 - Pick Me Up Pendant
KP020 - Seaside Pendant
KP022 - Cattail Pendant
KP026 - Pop Perfect Pendant
KP027 - Sparkle & Shine Pendant
KP030 - Cross Your Heart Pendant
KP031 - Heart & Soul Pendant
KP036 - Harmony Pendant
KP037 - Hammered Pendant
KP041 - Goddess Pendant
KP042 - Unlocked Potential Pendant
KP043 - Best Kept Secret Pendant
KP044 - In Full Bloom Pendant
KP045 - Star Crossed Pendant
KP047 - Around the City Pendant
KP049 - Elegance & Grace Pendant
KP051 - On The Fringe Pendant
KP052 - Lady Slipper Pendant
KP054 - Daydream Pendant
KP056 - Summer Breeze Pendant
KP058 - Brocade Beauty Pendant
KP059 - After Hours Pendant
KP062 - Desire Pendant
KP066 - Twist Pendant
KP074 - Scene Stealer Pendant
KP077 - Kameleon Signature Series Pendant
KP079 - On a Whim Pendant
KP103 - Wings of a Feather Pendant
KR007 - Willow Ring
KR008 - Take Notice Ring
KR011 - Twist Ring
KR017 - Over the Moon Ring
KR018 - Pop Perfect Ring
KR019 - Kameleon Signature Series Ring
KR036 - Blossom Ring
KR038 - Weave Ring
KR039 - Pedestal Ring
KR040 - Embrace Ring
KR042 - Saddle Ring
KR044 - Palm Leaf Ring
KR046 - Princess Ring
KR047 - Happily Ever After Ring
KR48 - Coming Up Roses Ring
KR049 - I
KR052 - Power & Poise Ring
KR053 - Wild Abandon Ring
KR055 - Endless Love Stacking Ring
KR101 - A Feather
To begin

Scroll up or down through the jewelry on the left and click a piece to begin.


Scroll up or down on the JewelPops on the right, then click a piece to start building your custom creation.

Have fun!
To begin

Swipe up or down through the jewelry on the left and tap a piece to begin.


Swipe up or down on the JewelPops on the right, then tap a piece to start building your custom creation.

Have fun!
To begin

Tap on “Choose your Jewelry” below. Swipe side to side to see the jewelry and tap a piece to begin.


Tap on “Choose your JewelPops” and swipe side to side to see all the products, then tap a piece to start building your custom creation.

Have fun!
Drag a pop here to remove it
Choose your jewelry to begin
Choose your JewelPop
KJP001MPi - KJP026MPi - Letters of Pearl JewelPops
KJP028 - Dazzle Me White JewelPop
KJP029 - Dazzle Me Blueberry
KJP030 - Dazzle Me Cherry
KJP031 - Dazzle Me Midnight JewelPop
KJP032 - Dazzle Me Emerald JewelPop
KJP044 - Yin Yang JewelPop
KJP045 - Sunflower Sparkle JewelPop
KJP046 - Periwinkle Sparkle JewelPop
KJP047 - Ice JewelPop
KJP048 - Blue Sparkle JewelPop
KJP049 - Green Sparkle JewelPop
KJP050 - Pink Sparkle JewelPop
KJP053 - Ruby Sparkle
KJP054 - Mojito Sparkle
KJP057 - Ebony Sparkle JewelPop
Scarlet Sparkle JewelPop
Treasure on Turquoise Beach JewelPop
KJP061 - Treasure on Chocolate Beach
Treasure on Sapphire Beach JewelPop
Midnight At The Oasis JewelPop
KJP071 - Ginger Beer JewelPop
KJP077 - Bluelicious JewelPop
KJP078 - Black Beauty JewelPop
KJP082 - Earth Goddess JewelPop
KJP084 - Creme Brule JewelPop
KJP086 - Caramel Apple JewelPop
KJP087 - Grassy Meadows JewelPop
Ripples JewelPop
Moonmist JewelPop
KJP092 - Kiwi Passion JewelPop
Tropical Waters JewelPop
KJP095 - Daydreams JewelPop
KJP096 - Custard Meringue Pie JewelPop
KJP097 - Deep Waters JewelPop
KJP099 - Aurora Borealis JewelPop
KJP100 - Puppy Paw
KJP1012 - Feathery Flair JewelPop
KJP1013 - Eyes of Sapphire JewelPop
KJP1014 - Love Affair JewelPop
KJP1017 - Always JewelPop
KJP1018 - Time to Shine JewelPop
KJP1019 - Making Memories JewelPop
KJP1020 - First Love JewelPop
KJP1021 - Sealed with a Kiss JewelPop
KJP1022 - Lucky Elephant JewelPop
KJP1027 - Lead the Way JewelPop
KJP1028 - Fierce JewelPop
KJP102B - King Crab Mediterranean Blue Enamel JewelPop
KJP102G - King Crab Caribbean Green Enamel JewelPop
KJP103B - Myrtle the Turtle Mediterranean Blue JewelPop
KJP103G - Myrtle the Turtle Caribbean Green Enamel JewelPop
KJP105 - Ahoy Matee JewelPop
KJP106 - Anchors Away JewelPop
KJP107 - Come Sail Away JewelPop
KJP122 - Feel the Rhythm JewelPop
Wise Guy JewelPop (KJP124)
KJP125 - Thoroughbred JewelPop
KJP126 - Queen Bee JewelPop
KJP133B - Starfish With Mediterranean Blue Enamel JewelPop
KJP133G - Starfish With Caribbean Green Enamel JewelPop
KJP134 - Silver Fleur De Lis JewelPop
KJP135 - Silver Cross JewelPop
KJP136 - Cross and Fish JewelPop
KJP137DB - Palmetto Moon
KJP137LB - Palmetto Moon
KJP147 - Blushing Bride
KJP148 - London Fog
KJP149 - Sea Foam JewelPop
KJP151 - Tickled Pink JewelPop
KJP152 - The Black Pearl JewelPop
KJP153 - Swarovski Blue Pearl JewelPop
KJP155 - Swarovski Gold Pearl JewelPop
KJP156 - Swarovski Maroon Pearl JewelPop
KJP157 - After Midnight
KJP158 - Sapphire Skies JewelPop
KJP159 - Emerald Isle JewelPop
KJP160 - Full Bloom JewelPop
KJP162 - Dark Peridot JewelPop
KJP163 - Maple Syrup JewelPop
KJP164 - Purple Haze JewelPop
KJP165 - Beaujolais JewelPop
KJP166 - African Violet JewelPop
KJP167 - Rock Crystal JewelPop
KJP169 - Very Cherry JewelPop
KJP173 - Spring Bloom
KJP175 - Into The Woods
KJP176 Cherry Blossom
KJP177 - Shattered Glass
KJP180 - Bubblegum JewelPop
KJP182 - Green Frosting JewelPop
KJP185 - Hammered Rose Gold JewelPop
KJP186 - Hammered Gold JewelPop
KJP187 - Silver Waves JewelPop
KJP188 - Frosted Drusy JewelPop
KJP197 - Fire & Ice JewelPop
KJP213 - Blue Jeans JewelPop
Out of the Blue JewelPop (KJP221)
KJP222 - Keepin
KJP223 - Peachy Keen
KJP224 - At The Beach JewelPop
KJP225 - Rose Spritzer
Teal Slice JewelPop (KJP227)
KJP228 - Grape Slice JewelPop
KJP241 - Glitz & Glam Black
KJP242 - Glitz & Glam Blue
KJP250 - Diamond Crown Jewels JewelPop
KJP260 Star Struck Blue
KJP261 Star Struck Red
KJP262 Star Struck Purple
Tuxedo Twinkle JewelPop (KJP272)
KJP282 - Sapphire Siesta JewelPop
KJP283 - Flamingo Fiesta JewelPop
KJP291 - Inukshuk JewelPop
KJP300 - Ivory Shamrock Sparkle JewelPop
KJP301 - Emerald Shamrock Sparkle JewelPop
KJP302 Luck O
KJP310 - Glorious & Free JewelPop
KJP315 - Stars & Stripes
KJP316 - O Canada JewelPop
KJP320 - Turquoise Spiral
KJP323 - Kameleon Swirl JewelPop
KJP324 Ruby Spiral
KJP327 - Emerald Burst JewelPop
KJP328 - Ruby Burst JewelPop
KJP329 - Sapphire Burst JewelPop
KJP330 - Aqua Burst JewelPop
KJP333 - Amethyst Burst JewelPop
KJP334 - Topaz Burst JewelPop
KJP335 - Peridot Burst JewelPop
KJP336 - Ebony Burst JewelPop
KJP337 - Snow Burst JewelPop
KJP338 - Shimmer JewelPop
KJP339 - Kindred Spirits JewelPop
KJP342 - Aura JewelPop
KJP345 - Golden Love JewelPop
KJP352 - Pink Enamel Heart JewelPop
KJP353 - Red Enamel Heart JewelPop
KJP354 - Love Ya Bunches!
KJP355 - Lots
KJP356 - Tree Of Life JewelPop
KJP357 - Disco Diva JewelPop
KJP374 - Crystal Butterfly JewelPop
KJP378 - Ingenue JewelPop
KJP379 - City Lights JewelPop
KJP390 - Celestial Violet JewelPop
KJP392 - Celestial Blue Topaz JewelPop
KJP399 - Celestial Diamond JewelPop
KJP404 Deck The Halls JewelPop
KJP420 - Azalea
KJP421 - Bluebell
KJP422 - Jasmine JewelPop
KJP425 - Central Park JewelPop
KJP426 - Times Square JewelPop
KJP427 - Broadway Baby JewelPop
KJP432 - Crimson Halo JewelPop
KJP433 - Ebony Halo JewelPop
KJP445 - Enchanted Journey JewelPop
KJP446 - Down the Garden Path JewelPop
KJP447 - Upon a Star JewelPop
KJP449 - Orchid Trellis JewelPop
KJP470 - Fuschia Wave JewelPop
KJP472 - Carribean Wave JewelPop
KJP473 - Lavender Wave JewelPop
KJP474 - Cocoa Wave JewelPop
KJP480 - Crack Me Up JewelPop
KJP484 - Red Roulette JewelPop
KJP487 - Sapphire Roulette JewelPop
KJP498 Blue Bayou
KJP500 - Snow Queen JewelPop
KJP501 -Drama Queen JewelPop
KJP502 - Desert Queen JewelPop
KJP505 - Peachy Queen JewelPop
KJP506 -  Ice Queen JewelPop
KJP510 - La Vie Est Belle JewelPop
KJP511 - Je T
KJP512 - Minuet JewelPop
KJP514 Garden of Joy
KJP519 - Garden of Dreams
KJP520 - The Great Pumpkin
KJP521 - Boo JewelPop
KJP523 - Black Widow Spider JewelPop
KJP525 - Black Mocha Chill
KJP527 - Midnight Chill JewelPop
KJP529 - Spring Chill
KJP539 - Marbled Onyx Murano
KJP542 - Tangerine Stripes
KJP543 - Lime Stripes
KJP457 - Rockin
KJP550 - Mandarin SugarPop
KJP551 - Blueberry SugarPop
KJP553 - SugarPlum JewelPop
KJP561 - Blue Cat
KJP562 - Green Cat
KJP563 - White Cat
KJP564 - Orange Cat
KJP566 - Black Cat
KJP567 - Sapphire Cat’s Eye
KJP571 Cobalt Cat
KJP578 - Glimmer JewelPop
KJP579 - Glisten JewelPop
KJP580 - Purple Pink Flash JewelPop
KJP581 - Blue Green Flash JewelPop
KJP582 - Turquoise Fizz JewelPop
KJP583 - Aqua Fizz JewelPop
KJP584 - Purple Fizz JewelPop
KJP589 - Fairy Wings
KJP590 - Hawaiian Fizz
KJP591 - Soul Mates JewelPop
KJP592 - Dragonfly Skies JewelPop
KJP593 - Calypso Carnival
KJP595 - Enchantress JewelPop
KJP600 - Pink Be Mine LovePop
KJP604 - Smitten JewelPop
KJP605 - Love Letters JewelPop
KJP620 - Heart
KJP622 - Together Forever JewelPop
KJP640 - Easter Egg Sparkle
KJP641 - Spring Chick
KJP642 - Hoppy Easter
KJP643 - Peepers
KJP644 - Crystal Peepers
KJP654 - Ivory Lace
KJP655 - Scarlet Lace
KJP665 - Ebony Swizzle
KJP671 - Slice of Life Aqua JewelPop
KJP673 - Slice of life Raspberry
KJP680 - Meteor Shower JewelPop
KJP707 Angel JewelPop
KJP708 - Elsa JewelPop
KJP712 - Warm Hugs JewelPop
KJP713 - Arendale JewelPop
KJP733 - Heart Throb JewelPop
KJP736 - Cherished JewelPop
KJP739 - Pearls of Wisdom JewelPop
KJP742 - Snow White
KJP745 - Coral Reef JewelPop
Mint Condition JewelPop (KJP746)
Make Lemonade JewelPop (KJP747)
KJP760 - Chantilly Lace JewelPop
KJP761 - Winter Wonderland JewelPop
KJP763 - Morning Frost Blue
KJP767 - Camelot
KJP769 - Gratitude JewelPop
KJP770 - Black Tie Affair JewelPop
KJP771 - Spotlight JewelPop
KJP780 - Plum Bedazzle JewelPop
KJP781 - Cherry Bedazzle JewelPop
KJP782 - Kate JewelPop
Pippa JewelPop (KJP783)
KJP784 - Beauty JewelPop
KJP785 - Joyful JewelPop
KJP786 - Happiness JewelPop
KJP833 - Dance
KJP834 - Green with Envy JewelPop
KJP840 Mediterranean Dreams
KJP841 Winter Dreams
KJP878 - Mermaid Kisses JewelPop
KJP849 - Mermaid Wishes JewelPop
KJP862 - Desert Rose JewelPop
KJP863 - Irish Rose JewelPop
KJP881 - Diamond Solstice
KJP883 - Rosé Rhapsody JewelPop
KJP885 - Abracadabra
KJP886 - Presto Chango
KJP887 - Hocus Pocus
KJP893 - Heartfelt JewelPop
KJP902 - Tailspin Aqua
KJP903 - Tailspin Coral
KJP905 - Moroccan Blue JewelPop
KJP906 - Moroccan Spice JewelPop
KJP915 Twinkle Twinkle
KJP917 - Baby Blues
KJP928 - Emerald Lily JewelPop
Tiger Lily JewelPop (KJP929)t
KJP930 - Red Lily *Jan 2014*
KJP931 - Blue Lily *Jan 2014*
KJP932 - Water Lily *Jan 2014*
KJP935 - Imperial Purple
KJP950 - Puppy Love *Jan 2014*
KJP951 - Dragonfly Dreams *Jan 2014*
KJP952 - Under the Sea *NEW*
KJP953 - Butterfly Fantasy *NEW*
KJP954 - Tree of Hope
KJP955 - Hummingbird Shimmer
KJP960 - Simply Irresistible JewelPop
KJP961 - Cute as a Button JewelPop
KJP962 - Smart & Sassy JewelPop
KJP963 - Happy Lilac JewelPop
KJP964 - Champagne Kisses JewelPop
KJP965 - Sun Kissed JewelPop
KJP967 - Surf City JewelPop
KJP968 - Masquerade JewelPop
KJP969 - Roxy Lady JewelPop
KJP971 - Leading Lady JewelPop
KJP972 - Heiress JewelPop
KJP973 - Devoted JewelPop
KJP974 - Contessa JewelPop
KJP980 - Sweet Heart JewelPop
KJP981 - Passionate Heart JewelPop
KJP982 - Heavenly Heart JewelPop
KJP990 - Cosmopolitan JewelPop
KJPK001 - Kameleon Konnect JewelPop
KJPS01 - Olive Jasper Pop Rock JewelPop
KJPS02 - Blue Adventurine Pop Rock
KJPS03 - Blue Happy Crazy Agate PopRock
KJPS05 - Black Agate PopRock
KJPS006 - Russian Serpentine PopRock
KJPS08 - Desert Jasper PopRock
KJPS010 - Red Jasper PopRock
KJPS101 - Green Aventurine PopRock
KJPS102 - Blaze a Trail PopRock
KJPS103 - Primal Instinct PopRock
KJPS11 - Lapis PopRock
KJPS012 - Crack Turquoise PopRock
KJPS013 - Hermatite PopRock
KJPS14 - Red Zebra Jasper PopRock
KJPS15 - Black and White PopRock
KJPS16 - Amazonite PopRock
KJPS17 - Rose Aventurine PopRock
KJPS018 - White Jade PopRock
KJPS019 - Blue Sunstone PopRock
KJPS21 - Unakite PopRock
KJPS29 - Morning Glory PopRock
KJPS30 - Enchanted Forest JewelPop
KJPS31 - Pink Parfait PopRock
KJPS032 - Aqua Mist PopRock
KJPS33 - Clear Sailing PopRock
KJPS34 - Blue Suede Shoes JewelPop
KJPS35 - Tequila Sunrise PopRock
KJPS36 - Root Beer Float PopRock
KJPS37 - Starry Night PopRock
Summer Skies PopRock (KJPS38)
KJPS39 - Encore PopRock
KJPS40 - Fairy Dust Green PopRock
KJPS41 - Fairy Dust Blue PopRock
KJPS42 - Fairy Dust Red PopRock
KJPS45 - Grape Soda PopRock
Orange Soda PopRock (KJPS46)
KJPS47 - Blackberry Soda PopRock
KJPS50 - On The Rocks
KJPS55 - Mosaic Magic
KJPS56 - Gin & Tonic
KJPS57 - Faeries Gold PopRock
KJPS58 - Harlequin PopRock

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