• How do I edit my email address, password, etc?

    To edit any of your personal details such as your default email address or password, please click on "My Account", followed by the "Edit" tab. You can amend your details as necessary and the records in our database will be updated immediately.

  • What is my password and how can I change it?

    We will email you your password as soon as you have registered. If you would like to change your password to one you will remember more easily, please click on "My Account" and then the "Edit" tab. Enter in your new password in both the 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' fields and click on the sumbit button to save your changes. If you can't log into the site and have forgotten your password, please use the 'Request new Password' link and follow the instructions there. A new password will be emailed to the email address associated with your account.

  • How can I check the status of an order I placed on Kameleon Jewelry?

    To check on the status of an order, please click on the “MY ACCOUNT” button and then on the “Orders” tab.

  • I have more questions. Can I speak with a customer service representative?

    Our customer service reps are available Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) and can be reached at

  • What if I am ordering my item as a gift?

    If you are ordering your item as a gift, you can check the box “This item(s) is a gift” in the Kameleon Store Locator section of the checkout process to have the order shipped directly to the recipient.

  • How much are shipping costs?

    United States: $10 flat rate charged with order total by Shopatron.

    Canada: $15 flat rate charged with order total in checkout.

    International shipping charges will be added to the Canadian rate of $15, via a separate transaction.

  • How will my order be shipped?

    All orders are shipped via Federal Express or USPS. Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

  • How can I make returns or exchanges?

    Please contact us at

  • Will I be charged sales tax on my Kameleon Jewelry purchases?

    Sales tax is only charged by Kameleon Jewelry on orders placed within Canada.

  • Can I ship my order to an international location?

    Yes. We currently offer automated online shopping within Canada and the United States, but we also offer international shipping through our head office. If you live outside of the available online shopping areas, please call us at 902-431-4484 to place your order and arrange for international shipping. We do allow international customers to place orders through our website, but they may be subject to additional shipping fees not calculated at checkout. You will be contacted by a Kameleon Jewelry sales representative if an additional shipping fee is required.

  • Is it safe to order on Kameleon Jewelry?

    Yes, it is safe to order on Kameleon Jewelry! We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server.

  • How do I place an order on Kameleon Jewelry?

    Ordering on Kameleon Jewelry is easy and safe. Once you have found the item you would like to purchase, click on the "ADD TO CART" button to place it in your Shopping Cart. Once you have added all of the items you would like to purchase, click on the “VIEW CART” button in the top right and follow the directions through the checkout process to complete your order. Your order will not be placed until the very end of the checkout process, when you will be asked for your credit card information.

  • Is there anything else I should know?

    Yes. The designers of Kameleon Jewelry have always wanted to give something back to the world we live in. With our jewelry design taking inspiration from the natural world it seemed instinctive that all our packaging material and in store display be 100% recyclable. Even the acrylic display material can be returned to the company for recycling! A portion of profits generated by the Kameleon Jewelry Collection will also be donated to a non profit environmental group.

  • What about the JewelPops? How much do they cost?

    The JewelPops retail for $29.00 to $54.00, depending on the setting and materials used.

  • How much do Kameleon Jewelry pieces retail for?

    Our finely crafted designs retail for between $22.00 and $329.00.

  • Will the rubber seals ever wear out?

    Eventually the rubber seals may wear out or become damaged through misuse. We have conducted over 50 separate tests on the seals. In all our testing each rubber seal continued to function after 5000 cycles. It is important to note, that even if the seals do wear out your JewelPop will not fall out nor is it broken. Simply replace the seal with a new one and you are good to go. Replacement seals are available from all Kameleon retailers.

  • Is this magnetic?

    No our system is not magnetic as magnetic systems have many disadvantages. Our system uses a rubber seal to secure the JewelPop.

  • Are the JewelPops Secure once they have been inserted into the Kameleon Jewelry piece?

    Yes, the JewelPops once seated in the jewelry, are very secure. We have tested this product extensively for over two years and have never had a JewelPop accidentally fall out.

  • What does this mean? What are some of the advantages?

    Flexibility & Uniqueness - Our interchangeable JewelPop inserts are universal in size so the same JewelPop you wear in your ring today can be popped in your pendant tomorrow, your bracelet the day after ... Jewelry is no longer a static design, but a fluid piece that can be perpetually customized in an unlimited number of combinations. Fun - ‘JewelPoppers’ will find it hard to resist playing with their JewelPops and each one has a special name like ‘Mochalicious’ (Brown Mabe Pearl) or ‘Midnight at the Oasis (Blue Sunstone) adding a real element of fun to the Collection. Interchangeability - There are other interchangeable products on the market, but none can match Kameleon’s ability to interchange across the entire spectrum of jewelry design – rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins! Traveling - Travel is now a breeze with our Kameleon Jewelry System. Grab our custom compact, KC1, that carries 14 JewelPops, a couple of your favorite Kameleon Jewelry pieces and you have all the jewelry you need to match every outfit in your suitcase. Color and Fashion - Kameleon is all about matching wardrobe and or mood with your jewelry. JewelPop interchangeable inserts are available in a rainbow of colors with new styles to be introduced twice a year. With our stylish designs it’s never been easier to look great. Easy to Use - It’s as easy as 1,2,3 yet very secure. Just push down from the top to insert and gently push out from the back. Really, it’s that easy!!

  • Can all of the JewelPops be inserted into any piece of Kameleon Jewelry?

    Yes the system has been designed so that you can wear any JewelPop with any piece of Kameleon Jewelry, sunglasses, belt buckles or watches.

  • What is a JewelCap?

    JewelCaps are the small plastic tool that comes with each piece of Kameleon jewelry. They are shaped much like a JewelPop. Some people find it easier to use these than their fingers when changing out their JewelPops.

  • Do I need a special tool?

    No you do not need a special tool to change JewelPops. Many People can use their finger it is that easy. Some may find using their finger difficult so we have provided a JewelCap with each piece.

  • How does the system work?

    Changing a JewelPop insert is a simple and elegant process. Simply apply a little pressure while pushing down on the insert with your finger. You will hear a reassuring pop or click indicating the JewelPop is in position and secure. To remove and replace with a different insert merely push from behind with your finger or use the small plastic JewelCap that comes with each jewelry design and the JewelPop will pop out. It’s that easy, very secure and no special tools are needed.

  • How many JewelPops are available?

    There are currently over 400+ JewelPops available. We release new JewelPops four times per year, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

  • What are JewelPops?

    JewelPops are the small interchangeable inserts that can be popped in and out of the Kameleon Jewelry designs. The JewelPops come in a rainbow of colors and materials. Some are set with semi-precious stones, Swarovski Crystal, synthetic opals or sparkling cubics and sport outrageous names like ‘Glisten’ (Dichroic Glass) and ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ (Blue Sunstone), adding a real element of fun to the Collection.

  • What is Kameleon Jewelry?

    Kameleon Jewelry is the world’s first, patented, sterling silver jewelry collection that offers interchangeability across the entire spectrum of jewelry design. The Collection's 40 base jewelry designs include rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins, with natural flowing lines. Each piece is carefully crafted to accept small interchangeable inserts called JewelPops.


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