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Kameleon Karma 2015

We are very proud to congratulate the first high school graduates of the KLEO program!  Their hard work and dedication will serve them well as they move on to complete their post secondary education.  These students represent the future of the KAREN people and the KLEO program. 

Graduate students join the KLEO team as volunteers, giving one year of their lives to the Karen people in areas where their education will be most beneficial and where there is the most need. And so, they continue to be mentors to, and supporters of those who are following in their path.  We look forward to watching them succeed and look forward to the KarmaPop program helping them achieve all of their dreams!


How your KarmaPop purchase makes a difference:


A day's worth of food for 24 students = $48 

Food for a month for a student at Jen's house = $60

A month of full support for a student at Jen's House, a KLEO initiative = $94

A college education for each KLEO student each year in Thailand = $2600




To learn more about KLEO and the KAREN people, please visit

www.karmapops.com and www.kleosupportgroup.org

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