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Beat the Winter Blues!




During the winter months, fun can be a bit harder to come by.  At Kameleon Jewelry, we are all about fun and we are here to help!  Although it may be difficult to imagine, winter does have a lot to offer.  Instead of giving in to those nasty winter blues, we have a few suggestions that can help.


GET OUTSIDE: Staying inside can have a serious affect on our moods over the winter months. As human beings, we all need sunlight and color throughout the year.   The trick is to embrace winter; yes really!   You can do it!  Remember being a kid?  When the snow started to fall, you felt like you were in a winter wonderland!   So, grab a sled and join the kids; throw some snowballs, hit the slopes with friends, strap on some snowshoes and head into the woods, or go ice skating with your sweetheart.  There are so many possibilities!

MAKE A HEALTHY CHANGE:  Once you’ve embraced the season, you’re bound to feel motivated and it’s the perfect time to tackle those pesky New Year’s resolutions.  You’ll already be exercising with all your outdoor activities, so consider including more healthy options in your family’s diet. The proper amount of vitamins help sustain us physically and emotionally during the winter months.

STAY CONNECTED:  Winter is definitely the time of year where you just want to hibernate at home, enjoying daydreams about being at the beach.  When you are trying to hide from the weather, it’s easy to isolate yourself from friends and family so,  consider scheduling regular outings and visits with loved ones. Perhaps attend a Pop Party at a local retailer or host a “Pop Swap” party with the fellow JewelPop addicts in your life!

SPOIL YOURSELFOne thing that is always important and can help you feel better in the winter, is taking time for yourself.  Enjoy a spa day, curl up with a good book and a glass of wine, or update your look with a shopping trip.  The Kameleon Winter Collection has just what you need to update your jewelry collection to match all of the new outfits you’ll find! 

ADD SOME COLOR:  The colors in this season’s collection are perfect for improving your wardrobe, and your mood!  If you’re just starting to bust out of the winter blues and you’re not sure how you’re feeling, let the Mood Swing JewelPop decide for you! Our first color changing JewelPop will be fun to wear no matter how your feeling!  The bright hues of the Tailspin Coral and the perfect hot pink of Rose Spritzer are a perfect way to add a much needed POP of color. The Glitz and Glam, and Gin and Tonic JewelPops will add just the right amount of sparkle to your evenings. 

Check out the entire Kameleon Jewelry collection and find out for yourself what makes Kameleon Jewelry the perfect interchangeable jewelry line any time of the year!


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